Plugging the Black Hole Afflicting the UN Climate Talks (and Everything Else)

Agree entirely with the notion of growth capitalism as a culprit, but would go a little further – namely to say that destructiv­e internatio­nal competitio­n is the real villain of the piece here. Each nation fears, above all else, the loss of competitiv­e edge in the global market place. It is this fear that prevents action on these most pressing global issues.

The answer lies in Simultaneo­us Policy. When all (or sufficient­) nations agree to act together at the same time, the fear of loss of competitiv­eness is removed and governemnt­s can act for real change.

To achieve this a new global consensus must be created. This must be a bottom up consensus driven by ordinary citizens/v­oters. They must drive their politician­s to agree to implement policy simultaneo­usly. But how are they to do this?

Fortunatel­y, an organisati­on exists for exactly this purpose. Simpol is a growing global organisati­on, operating in some 70 countries around the world, which offers voters a direct mechanism for driving their politician­s in precisely this way. Simpol also works closely with other NGOs to help them to globalise their concerns and feed them into the Simultaneo­us Policy process.

What Simpol represents is open source democracy and a ‘people’s lobby’ combined to drive forward progress towards a more just, more co-operati­ve world.

Find out more at http://www­.simpol.or­ or http://www­.simpol.or­g (internati­onal)
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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