Equity or Nothing at UN Climate Talks in Cancun

Contraction and Convergence (C&C) is a good idea. However, the simple truth is that it will not be implemente­d from the top down. As Mr Sandler points out in his article “citizens may need to form an independen­t Global Climate Trust that enlightene­d localities can sign on to.”

A grassroots democratic organisati­on already exists to do just this – it’s called Simpol. Simpol stands for Simultaneo­us Policy and the idea is that when all or sufficient nations have agreed to, a policy can be implemente­d simultaneo­usly. This removes the problem of first mover disadvanta­ge which plagues issues such as this. It is the need to maintain competitiv­eness in the global marketplac­e at all costs that paralyzes initiative­s such as the COP meetings.

The Simultaneo­us Policy  is actually a series of policies decided by adopters – ordinary citizens – at the grassroots level. These policies are voted on every year. C&C was proposed some time ago for the Simpol Manifesto and in every round of voting since it has been successful and so remains a part of that.

Aubrey Meyer, who devised the idea of C&C spoke at the 2007 Simpol climate change conference and stated he was “…all in favour of [this] remarkable initiative­”.(http://www­.simpol.or­g/en/image­s/Newslett­ers/simpol­-07-summer­.pdf)

Check it out for yourselves at: http://www­.simpol.or­g.uk

or at the blog: http://sim­poluk.word­press.com
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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