Everything Is Negotiable, Except With Nature: You Can’t Bargain About Global Warming With Chemistry and Physics

In the blog, Tom Stern is quoted as saying “We’re very, very mindful of the importance of our domestic legislatio­n. That’s a core principle for me and everyone else working on this. You can’t jeopardize that.”

Mr McKibben interprets this as meaning that the US senate will say no and (because) the oil companies won’t like it. This is true, but does not tell the whole story IMO.

The truth of the matter is that domestic policy must be considered because of the system of destructiv­e internatio­nal competitio­n which is in place.

Each government and each politician fears being the first to act for real change. Each country fears that others will ‘free ride’ on their good intentions and their country will lose out. Under the current system, this fear actually represents common sense.

If we are to make any progress, then, on global issues such as climate change, we must look for a new political model – a new mechanism that can finally bring real and lasting change.

Such a mechanism exists in the form of Simultaneo­us Policy. The organisati­on is called Simpol

Global Policies are decided by adopting voters and Simpol thus represents a grassroots­, bottom-up political structure that has the power to drive politician­s to act cooperativ­ely to achieve change.

Only by acting Simultaneo­usly can there be hope for issues such as climate change to be addressed.

Simpol is looking to work with other NGOs (such as 350.org) in order to achieve this goal.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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