Simpol – common misconceptions #2

Simpol is not realistic/practicable

When we go out onto the streets with the Simpol street stall (see our flickr pics on the right of the page) to talk to people about adopting. Perhaps the most common response from people once we have explained it can be characterised by the phrase “well, it’s a nice idea but…”

Simpol is seen as some sort of grand utopian vision that can never really come to fruition. This response is based on the assumption that people are bad at cooperating and can never be truly brought together (There is also a corollary to this in that people worry that any attempt to do so must necessarily involve the use of  force but I’ll cover that another time).

Thus people assume that Simpol, however good an idea it might be and however well intentioned, will forever remain nothing more than a pipe dream.

However a number of counter arguments can be set out as follows:

What choice is there? The evidence is clear and unequivocal that the current system of destructive international competition is not working. The road we are currently travelling (and have been since the time of the industrial revolution at least) leads only to ruin. There is no future that way.  Together we stand, divided we fall.

Human adaptability. From our very earliest origins, humans have shown an incredible ability to adapt to changing circumstances. This has been key to our survival and prosperity throughout our history as a species. Yet now when the evidence clearly points to a need for wholesale change and adaptation, we resist it. We CAN adapt and we CAN become more cooperative – we simply need a means to achieve that change. Welcome to Simpol!

Strategy. The task is not as big as it might at first seem. In western democracies, where votes are the decisive political mechanism we see a change in recent years. As party politics falls apart and nations become ever more tightly constrained by  the  strait jacket of a purely money and competition oriented agenda we have seen falling voter turnouts and increasing voter apathy – an implicit recognition by citizens of the failure of the current system. We have also seen that elections are increasingly won on tiny margins. Indeed whole elections may turn on a relative ‘handful’ of seats. The impact of this in disenfranchising voters is well documented.

Until now however, no solution has been proposed. Simpol is that solution. By offering voters a way to create policy and a means to use their votes in a coordinated way, Simpol affords citizens the opportunity to drive their politicians to achieve real and lasting solutions to global problems. In turn, their national political systems can be brought back to life.

With such small margins dictating seats and sometimes whole elections, it becomes clear that a relatively small number of adopters can have a huge impact.

The more adopters there are the greater that impact.  So become a Simpol adopter today and you can be part of the solution!


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