David Cameron inadvertently proves the need for global cooperation by mixing calls for democracy and selling arms in the middle east

By Barnaby Flynn, Simpol-UK national co-ordinator and Simpol supporter

David Cameron selling weapons and promoting democracy in the Middle East

The whole world is talking about people power as lives are being put on the line to topple the many (some western backed) autocracies in the Middle East. I hope, and I am sure you do to, that they will be replaced with democracies, peacefully and as soon as possible. As a Simpol Adopter you will be fully aware that in a globalised world, no democracy can properly
function without healthy, grassroots, global democratic co-operation – democracy cannot deal with global problems.

Here is an example:

David Cameron is visiting the Middle East today to promote democracy, but he is also with an entourage of UK weapons sales people, taking in a (Fair Trade?) arms fair to boost the UK’s exports. If he was on a mission to promote Simpol instead of weapons (or perhaps even as well as, as he would be doing what every other PM has done before him and what every other
president wants to do) then I for one could find it in myself to give him some credit.

Selling weapons abroad is a large part of the world’s most powerful nations’ export and income. The need to sell weapons is an integral part of the problem of the international economic competitive game play at work in the world. However, through Simpol, we have the power to take global control of this situation by mobilisation (using our votes strategically) and creation (open source global governance).

So every time you hear a politician say, “well we have to do that don’t we because we all want to retain the economic competitiveness of our industries and safeguard jobs and livelihoods,” challenge it! You can declare that merely accepting it is immoral, as equally backward as racism. Economic international competition has no place in today’s world of global problems- unless it is to accept that “one is doing what one must in the present state
of global politics but at the same time one is doing all one can to create a world of global co-operation by pledging and promoting Simpol”. You can do this by way of tweeting:

End the immoral acceptance of international economic competition because global problems need global solutions.

Simpol: Global People Power

We have a tweet site you can follow: simpol_uk

And Facebook too under: “Simpol”


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