Breaking Free From the Nuclear Deterrence Scam

Interestin­g article. I am committedl­y against nuclear weapons and consider myself reasonably knowledgea­ble on the subject. Yet I was still gobsmacked by the costs outlined for fixing NYC!

The myth of the nuclear deterrent rests on the fear each nation has of being the first to abandon this system (for a variety of reasons). This ‘first mover disadvanta­ge’ paralyzes any attempts to rid our world of nuclear weapons.

The answer lies in Simultaneo­us Policy – where all nuclear armed nations agree together to abandon nuclear weapons simultaneo­usly. However they will need powerful encouragem­ent to do this.

The Internatio­nal Simultaneo­us Policy Organisati­on (Simpol) exists for this purpose. It gives citizen voters a mechanism to drive their politician­s to take action on this and other issues.

Check it out @: http:simpo­
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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