The benefits of positive thinking

By Mark Horler, Simpol Supporter, blogger and networking officer.

News is everywhere these days it seems. We can get it on TV in 24 hour rolling news channels. We can get it on the radio. We can, of course, get absolutely tons of it all over the internet. It seems that the news is always bad. We are confronted constantly by tragedy, suffering, misery and one crisis after another.

This stuff is important of course because it tells us what is happening in the world and illustrates as plainly as is possible that we are facing grave threats to the natural world, our world that we have built and most importantly to ourselves and each other.

However our brains are simply not capable of taking in all this tragedy. We recoil from it in horror to the warm and fuzzy safety of the trivial and banal.

There are many NGOs out there now working to alleviate these problems and their effects, but I wonder if sometimes their campaigns are perceived as negative in the same way as the news – whether we retreat from them in the same way.

The work of NGOs is of course vital and has saved (and continues to save) countless lives. But perhaps Simpol can offer something else here.

The question we ask when we go out into the streets campaigning for Simpol used to be “How do you want the world to be?”. But over time we have found a more effective question to ask of people (and of ourselves):

“How do you think the world should be?”

When asked this most people will automatically conjure up an image of people living together in harmony and cooperation – a utopian view, if you will. But most people also don’t think this is realistic, that it will “never happen”.

If there was just one message I could get out into the world via simpol it would be this:

It can happen! We just have to work together to make it so!

Simpol offers a unique and practical way to do this. It provides a way for the people to set the agenda and the policies and it provides a means for people to drive their political leaders to make it happen.

By working together we can make real and lasting change towards a better world. It may not be a utopia but it will be a better place for us and for our children. If we each step up now and take our part of the responsibility for humanity and the world then we can do it.

Global People Power!!



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