As the referendum approaches…

By Mark Horler, Simpol supporter and networking officer.

It seems that, for those of us, interested in politics, there is suddenly something worth fighting for (or against depending on your preference). In all the drama, faced with countless claims and counter claims we might get the impression that the results of the AV referendum will define everything that follows.

However, whatever the result on May 5th, the fact is that nothing will substantially change at the global level. we may or may not come away with a fairer voting system. But, whoever is elected and by whatever system, our democracy will still be fundamentally undermined by destructive international competition.

Smaller parties may, if we adopt the AV system, stand a greater chance of getting seats in parliament.  Crucially though Рno matter how visionary and reformist their agenda may be Рupon entering positions of power smaller parties will find that they too are unable to affect substantial and lasting change.

Until such time as we accept the reality of our predicament and move to cooperate globally, no amount of national reform is going to make any real difference.

As noted in other posts on this blog, Simpol takes no official position on the matter as it is not within Simpol’s global remit to do so and this post is not intended to belittle the importance of electoral reform at the national level. Indeed the (re)awakening of political consciousness that is taking place in the public sphere on this and other issues is entirely to the benefit of Simpol (along with many other organisations).

But the work must continue, once this referendum is done, towards global change via Simultaneous Policy.


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