A Simpol take on BBC’s “Any Questions?” – 06/05/2011

By Sarah Beaver, Simpol supporter and blogger.

Last week’s “Any Questions?” focussed on the Liberal Democrats’ drubbing in the local elections and the proposed NHS reforms, amongst others.

One of the questions was what the panel believed was the reason for the low number of votes for the Liberal Democratic Party. In England, the Liberal Democrats received 11% of votes, less than the Conservative and the Labour Party. Even though this defeat will not affect the existence of the current coalition, the Liberal Democrats will have to take some big steps in finding a way to sort the current economy if they wish to increase their support. Interestingly, one of the panel members mentioned the economic crises in countries such as Portugal, Greece and Ireland and stated that brave decisions would have to be taken for England to avoid the problems that those countries are facing.

What failed to be recognised is that every country is experiencing economic problems and that this is clearly a global problem which can only be solved on a global level. The real issue is not how the coalition government is getting on or why the liberal democrats are losing support. We need to realise that to solve our financial crisis we need global policies, regardless of which party is leading the country. These global policies – which could include, for example, Monetary Reform (Positive Money) and/or the Tobin Tax – would finally be able to get us out of this mess. If all parties were to implement the Simpol Pledge, it wouldn’t matter all that much which party was in charge – and this can take us away from unnecessarily long-winded/heated discussions about prime ministers and coalitions.

Another question asked was whether the Liberal Democrats should now negotiate on changing the plans for the potential reform of the NHS. According to the panel, something needs to be done quickly since the demands for the NHS are going up. Again, this issue is an economic one which is experienced in the same way across the globe. Making Cuts in the NHS, and public services in general, is not going to get the UK out of the economic crisis. This economic crisis is the result of global international competition. Big corporations already work on a global level. If governments where to cut expenditure on businesses, these businesses would just move to another country, leaving the current country internationally uncompetitive and leading to an even bigger loss of money. This destructive cycle of competition needs to be ended with the implementation of global policies. Only in this way will each country be able to provide the people with the services essential to reasonable human existence.

It is doubtful that the Liberal Democrats (or any other party) will be able to change anything. We need to realise that we are living in a “businessocracy”, dominated by fear, greed, and mistrust. The government and people alike are powerless at the moment. Discussions about who will do what, who has said what and when, and who has made the most mistakes are absolutely pointless, leaving everyone in an ignorant status quo as well as an endless vicious circle.

Imagine flying backwards into space and zooming out: we are living on ONE planet; we all have the same problems; we have the technologies to communicate – let’s start making use of them!


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