There may be trouble ahead…!

By Sarah Beaver, Simpol supporter and blogger. 

Mr. Cable has accepted the proposed “4th carbon budget” after all- But according to scientists it will not be sufficient.

As it turns out, Mr. Cable has now accepted the proposed “4th carbon budget” after all. The combined pressure of Chris Huhne and the green movement has set it in and the government has accepted the recommendations by the Committee on Climate Change to set tougher reductions in carbon emission. This will come in the form of a legally binding “green deal” which expects the government to reach a reduction of 80% by 2050 compared to the levels of the 1990s.

This all sounds very promising and positive, the only problem is that the government has not listened or looked into what the front of scientific research has to say. According to Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre, 10% of cuts are necessary each year, and according to James Hansen of NASA, we need to aim to achieve less than 2 degrees Celsius of warming. In addition, in a discussion on climate change in Exeter, the scientist Malte Mainshausen has exclaimed that if action were to be delayed by 5 to 10 years will dramatically increase the probability of exceeding the 2 degrees Celsius threshold if stabilisation levels are higher than 400 ppm CO2 equivalance. The current concentrations are 380 ppm and they rise about 2 ppm every year.

The “green deal” that will be implemented will not achieve to limit concentrations to below 400 ppm as the carbon emission reductions it has planned aren’t strong enough to reach beyond this level in time. Also, the committee has recommended that the use of biofuels be increased which does not significantly reduce carbon emissions. Lastly, the committee does not take into account that a large amount of UK emissions is being outsourced to countries like China due to high demand for consumer goods.

We need to act now before we reach environmental crisis (even if you may not be on the earth any more at that point). We need to think for the greater good, we need to think for the love of mother earth. Simpol will aim to get governments all over the world to implement simultaneous policies to further reduce carbon emissions, and other policies that will protect our world. You can be part in deciding what these policies will be. It is international destructive competition that is stopping governments from implementing strict policies. Governments do not want to risk becoming poor by implementing a policy for the greater good; this is because they are trapped in a vicious circle benefitting corporations. You can help to sustain the planet by adopting Simpol now (without much effort, and without having to pay)!




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