Ending the war on drugs… how Simpol can help

By Mark Horler, Simpol Supporter and Networking Officer.

The long running campaign to end the absurd and utterly failed ‘War on Drugs’ (WoD) has suddenly become fashionable of late. After years in which campaigners were labelled as anything and everything from ‘work-shy hippies’  to ‘dangerous degenerates’ the world at large has seemingly cottoned on at last that the WoD was lost long ago. People are suddenly asking why we can’t have a more policy based on common sense and evidence – and well they might ask!

Just today the world’s media have gone crazy over the story of the Global Drug Commision  and the report it released today. The campaign behemoth that is Avaaz  recently launched it’s own campaign on this very issue, signed by no less than 602,486 people (at the time of writing)!

But, truth be told,  though the international media and the big campaign organisations are indeed powerful and influential they are also, in a sense, like a circus – all bright lights and loud music for a while, but soon enough they move on.  Already Avaaz has moved its main focus to Formula 1 in Bahrain. Tomorrow there will be new headlines in the papers.

Once the circus has packed up and moved on who will be left to fight for lasting change? In spite of all the protests and all the coverage the US ‘drugs tsar’ has apparently set his face against the idea (I think we can assume from that the US govt as a whole feels the same). The Mexican govt has swiftly followed suit.

It will, of course and as ever, be the small organisations and even single individuals who will drive this campaign to success in the end – those organisations with the patience and will to keep plugging away at it no matter how hopeless it may seem.

So how can Simpol help?  What Simpol can provide is two things: 

1) Simpol can act as an umbrella organisation for many small campaigning organisations and individuals. Think of it as a policy forum, perhaps even – to borrow a phrase that has been much misused – a coalition of the willing!

2) Simpol provides, as regular readers and supporters will know, a global mechanism to drive politicians to implement the Peoples’ Agenda. The politicians know that the current circus will move on soon enough. They can wait and then returned to the same old failed policies. The Simpol prioritised voting mechanism, by contrast, has the power to compel the politicians to act in a way that no other campaign does.

Only by acting cooperatively, globally, together can we bring about the changes we so desperately need in our world.


2 thoughts on “Ending the war on drugs… how Simpol can help

  1. Yes I totally agree! Which is why I support the Beckley Foundation’s plan for Global Drug Law Reform, which I’ll give the link for here. I plan on proposing this as a Simpol policy:


    In the meantime, and on a national basis, everyone please sign the petition below to Keep Experts on the Drugs Advisory Council, especially if you live in the UK.


  2. Hi Diana,

    Having had a read through I absolutely agree with proposing the global initiative as a Simpol Policy.

    Already signed that petition – but strongly advise others to do so as well! 🙂


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