News International Scandal: Further evidence of corporatocracy

By Barnaby Flynn, Simpol-UK National Coordinator.

David Cameron met with News International Executives 26 times in 15 months Independent 16th July exposes News International’s (N.I.) very real and hugely significant infiltration and influence over police as well as present and past governments in the UK. It is doubtful this does not occur in other nations as well. This is further evidence of how people in the UK and abroad already live under corporatocracy, not a democracy. Global big businesses are run undemocratically and autocratically by their CEOs; therefore CEO’s reign over you and me as they reign over redundant national governments.

If the evidence of phone hacking had not have been brought to light by The Guardian newspaper, it is very likely N.I. would have been allowed to buy the controlling shares of BSkyB. Its once opposing minister, Vince Cable was removed by David Cameron from the post of overseeing the takeover. David Cameron met with BSkyB executives during the Cable’s removal. Also, news out today also shows how top Metropolitan Police brass acted as informers for NI.

All governments fear gaining big media companies’ disapproval and court them incessantly. The private will of media moguls has far more influence over policy than you or I. For example, Rupert Murdoch was in favour of the Iraq war. Those who have more to loose from positive change invest heavily in a continuation of the status quo.

To create links between this and other problems of corporatocracy, further evidence includes tough plans demanded by the IMF and banks upon indebted nations all over the world. Demands have been made upon almost every nation to cut and sell off national services in order to pay off huge debts and interest payments (all created out of thin air by private banks). The loans were used to pay for vital services for the public good. And why can governments not pay off the debts? Because banking regulation was loosened, as it always is in boom times, creating yet another historical economic crash.

Clearly we aren’t learning from the past, or is that we can see no alternative? In bust times, people at the bottom suffer the most, again, and people at the top gain even more, again, as all the productivity created in boom times gets sold for next to nothing, especially nationalised services. Inequality is deepening, again, and there seems to be no alternative in sight so peoples’ politics move further to right, accepting the cuts (so far) and calling for deeper cuts. This gets dubbed ‘small government’: “Where would you like the cuts dear people?”

We are heading for perfect storm of global problems where economic, ecological and resource systems are collapsing around us NOW as global conflict grows. What will the alternative be, a further moving over to the right where people ask for more austerity.  Or will people take control of the global situation to realise all positive solutions to our common problems that exist? Will humanity come together to remove the shackles of falsely created debt based scarcity to enjoy the world of very real abundance available to share? Will we come together to create the space for global grassroots co-operative politics thus allowing the existing technological solutions to be implemented. Will we come together to implement interconnected policies simultaneously and globally so that no  nation, citizen or even corporation suffers an economic competitive disadvantage by moving first?

Please join us to take global cooperative ownership of the world situation by driving governments of the world to work together to legislate for the good of all, not just for privileged few. Do this by supporting Simpol and using the voting system, informing your MP that if they co-operate, they are far more likely to receive your vote. If not… well what alternatives do they offer? None that will suffice! Similar to what the Conservatives put in their election manifesto “This is an invitation to “BE” direct global governance” (not government).

A global policy is required to regulate global media empires. It would come under the context of “media bias” in the Simpol Global Policy Community in our soon to be live website. Perhaps a policy along the lines of what Ed Miliband is suggesting for the UK but with a global scope. See Guardian: 


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