Society coming apart at the seams?

Across the world we are seeing societies, for one reason and another, tearing themselves apart. It is not for this piece to examine the exact causes, especially since to claim one cause for all events is foolish at best.

But what it does show is that the current system is not sustainable. All the evidence indicates that the current system is failing. The consequences if we ignore these warnings are potentially dire indeed.

The time truly has come where we either fundamentally reform our systems of governance and society or we fall into disaster.

We strongly believe that Simultaneous Policy is a big part of the solution. We also believe that the organisations with which we collaborate have a big part to play.

We must decide; do we give in to frustration and anger and the futility of nihilism? Or do we find a better way in peace?

Simpol stands firmly on the side of peace. Join us today and become a part of the solution.


2 thoughts on “Society coming apart at the seams?

  1. Dear Simpol adopters and ardent supporters, dare to consider this: If it all comes unraveling simultaneously — and it is — then it can all transform simultaneously.

    How can we seize this moment of synchronistic breakdown to push for a synchronistic breakthrough? Engage creatively and resourcefully with the very phenomenon of simultaneity and syncrhonicity itself, and go in and seize the moment to say, out loud and clear, As we watch nations and national economies all reel in the great unraveling simultaneously, let us imagine that the only way we can rebuild and revive us each and all is simultaneously….

    And use that as our opening line, our foot in the door, our MOMENT.

    From the other side of the pond, but same place in the heart and mind

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