Ed Milliband at the Labour Party Conference

By Mark Horler, Simpol supporter, blogger and networking officer.

You know, I was going to write a Simpol blog tonight about ‘Red Ed Miliband’ and his speech to the Party conference in Liverpool. I’ve been reading all these news reports yesterday and today about how he’s moving the party to the left and whether he is or isn’t ‘anti-business’. I didn’t see the speech myself or read it in full until now but I had assumed he had said big things and made grand promises.

So I was going to sit down here tonight and write a blog about how, in spite of his grand promises, if he finds himself elected, Mr Milibean (as Private eye magazine cruelly yet brilliantly characterises him) will find himself unable to honour his words. I was going to write, in typical fashion, about how the system of destructive international competition will make it impossible to implement those policies in practice. Then, as ever, I was going to explain how Simpol changes all this and can allow precisely these kinds of revolutionary policies to come to fruition.

But then I read the full text of Miliband’s speech and found myself utterly stumped; because, as it turns out, ‘Red Ed’ didn’t actually propose anything of any substance whatsoever! Honestly, read it for yourself if you don’t believe me. There is not a single substantial policy or proposal in the whole speech – and this is the keynote speech to conference of the leader of the second largest (by number of members) political party in the UK!

So I can’t write that blog I intended to… but I will say this: It is not for Simpol to comment on the national policies of political parties – Simpol does not involve itself in national issues. It is also not my intention to especially pick on the labour party – in fact I’m 99% certain that if I checked the conference speeches of messrs Cameron and Clegg respectively, I would find the exact same lack of substance, albeit in different words.

Therein lies the truth of this piece then – that our political system has become so degraded by destructive international competition, corporate influence and lobbying (and of course plain old fashioned greed) that the leaders of our political parties don’t even bother making any promises any more. No need to bother with real policies when rhetoric and soundbites will do the trick just as well. Particularly when the media can’t be bothered any more with truth and substance either.

So what should we do? Should we shake our heads sadly and just forget about it? Or should we get really angry and start reading the Daily Mail so we can blame it on poor people and immigrants?

Nope. We should gather together as ordinary citizens and make our own policy. We should take action and DRIVE our politicians to implement our policies. We should understand and accept that, if they’re not going to do it then we’re going to have to change the word ourselves. We MUST believe in the power we, the people, hold to do this.

Simultaneous Policy – Simpol – Global People Power – the time is now. 

p.s:  appreciate my picture – you have no idea that took to make on a computer that only has MS paint! o_O


2 thoughts on “Ed Milliband at the Labour Party Conference

  1. Good intentions (from “red” Ed) and road to Hell spring to mind. He’s not a bad bloke but he’s caught up in something bigger than himself. If he really spoke his mind they could dump him might be what he’s thinking, but he could never admit that and stay in politics. They are all in the same boat. Their lies are what keep them afloat and what keep us sunk on the bottom of an ocean of despond.

  2. Hi Robert,

    I’m inclined to agree actually. The culture of modern politics is a culture of fear – of doing or saying the wrong thing and the consequences thereof.

    We no longer have a political system that allows for genuine policy making and leadership. There’s the media which thrives on soundbites and rhetoric. Then of course there is the dreaded markets – whose word is the true law of the political land these days.

    It’s up to us to get ourselves off the ocean bottom and rise up for a better future.

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