Governor of the Bank of England explains why global cooperation is needed

By John Bunzl, Simpol founder and trustee


Those of you in the UK may have heard the interview yesterday with Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England, explaining how the problems in the global economy and financial system cannot be tackled by any nation alone. The interesting part starts about 2 min 35 in at

The problem for nation-states, it seems to me however, is that there exists
no framework for practical cooperation; no commonly understood method for
how nations (and peoples) can work together to bring cooperation about. This
is why I believe it’s so important that we keep spreading the Simpol
concept, or any others we may feel are up to the global governance task.

The more it’s talked about, the more it becomes an actual possibility. In
that way, we’ll overcome the deeply-held idea that “it’ll never happen”.

In hope.



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