Occupy the stock exchange, Barnaby on the Simpol stall

This is the Global Spring. Global People Power

Barnaby Flynn, checking in, camping out, holding the Simpol stall on wheels, “Global People Power,” St.Paul’s Cathedral, alongside the Occupy London Stock Exchange, we are the 99% global crew.

Forgive errors. I have had about three hours sleep in my tent, due to the heated debates (sparked by one drunk bloke who would have been funnier if I was drunk) going on outside my tent. “Please speak passionately, but a bit more quietly,” worked like a weak paracetamol for short periods then it wore off.

This here is what I have been waiting for. People recognising how global problems are affecting the whole of humanity in increasingly similar ways around the world. Global problems are forcing global empathy. And we here at St.Paul’s, London and around the world, coming up with the solutions to problems of unjust monetary systems, poverty, global austerity measures, climate change and 100 species going extinct every day.

In my opinion, the global justice movement, GJM, is growing, getting stronger, joining the dots, getting more sophisticated because nature herself is demanding we work together for global solutions. Still however, having taken the Simpol stall on two climate camps, held many vigils and events, I now believe the GJM, anti capitalist movement, is betting more ambitious. But there is room for more of it. For example, by making our demands of the system, that is national governments, it assumes governments, or even small groups of them have the power to implement those demands, when they don’t.

It is good to see that less people, here at least, subscribe to the “anti” movement only, wanting to blame shame, tear the system down rather than co-create a better one. I am glad to say that this does not seem to be the case here. Rather than resisting police kettling, (thanks largely to the blessing given to the camp by the vicar of St.Paul’s asking the police to leave the ground) we don’t have to concentrate efforts just being allowed to be here. I am getting a sense that we have been afforded the room here to realise that we could even co-create a new global grassroots system of governance, rather than just battling existing powerless national governments, expecting them to act “if only we shout loudly enough”.

The final statement made yesterday at the “people’s assembly” setting our demands, was “Come down and join in. This is what democracy looks like.” During the people’ assembly debates again to today, I am going to suggest what we are doing here and around the world IS superseding the old guard – the old guard of national governments competing with each other, clamouring to win inward investment from global big business (by not taxing or regulating them). We are here creating a new global grassroots system, not demanding but driving governments to co-operate together, to regulate multinationals globally alongside another, so that no one government suffers a competitive disadvantage by moving first. How, through simultaneous action, no government, big business or citizen need lose out. How, we are here in hundreds of cities, suggesting, debating and setting the solutions to global problems and how we are creating the platform for people everywhere, to take part, online and/or out in the streets, one person one vote. How else logically and democratically can we have global policies without we the people having our say? Unlike global policies set behind closed doors at the IMF and World Bank?

Yesterday I spoke through the microphone to suggest we be more ambitious, more ambitious than demanding individual governments implement our demands because it assumes they have some power when they don’t. It actually gives them power. Today I will suggest we realise the power we already have, our votes, and use them to drive all governments to implement OUR global solutions to global problems alongside one another. We can do this quite simply, through supporting Simpol and agreeing to prioritise our votes for MPs who pledge to co-operate to implement our policies. Also, as elections are won by smaller and smaller margins, due to straight jacket of maintaining a nations “economic competitiveness” it already working. 25 MPs from all the main parties in the UK have pledged to take part to do as we the world’s people instruct them to. That is what I will be adding to the pot of ideas being suggested today being suggested, debated and voted on by way of “people’s assemblies.” So let’s repeat, “Come and join in. This is what democracy looks like.”

If only it could have come in another week once we had the new Simpol-UK website up and running. AAhhh!



(Thanks Saul for proof reading it!)


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