What I want to debate today at Occupy The London Stock Exchange.

By Barnaby Flynn, Simpol-UK national coordinator.

Yesterday was making the argument with people, happily, that direct democracy (one person one vote having equal say of policy content) is only safe on a global level because it requires people to think globally, beyond any other smaller circle of group ties, be they tribal, national or religious. Today I will suggest amendments to yesterday’s agreed demands (though they are a work in progress which is great), that rather than amend taxes, we should change the way money itself is created, we the people should take charge of it, democratise it, nationalise it, make it “of the people, by the people, for the people,” just like President Lincoln and President Kennedy did by reforming money, reforming, who gets to be banker. It is this issue which underpins capitalism, the need for constant growth and falsely created scarcity in a world of abundance. I will suggest that we enable people to be able to take this Amovement forward in the comfort off our own homes, taking part, telling their MPs how they will be prioritising their votes only for MPs who pledge to implement the policies of the people co-operatively alongside other governments. Also, create the platform where people can take part in suggesting, debating and setting the policy solutions to global problems affecting us all in increasingly the same way. I do think it is very important to be here, live, showing our intent on the street. And out side the banks is where it is at.

State our intent. We are not making demands. We are setting policy alongside other people around the world taking part, taking responsibility. We are, right here, right now, driving this government and governments in every country to end immoral and destructive competition between them, and to regulate alongside one another in the spirit of global co-operation to implement our global policy solutions to global problems simultaneously.

Let’s tell the politicians who are meant to represent us in parliament, that we no longer recognise their legitimacy, every government. Governments no longer have any power. The real power lies with the multinationals because any nation threatening to regulate big business means big business threatens and do move their operations to another more “competitive country” where they can maximise their profits. Governments will only have legitimacy when they cooperate to regulate multinationals internationally to ensure they become socially and environmentally accountable. We will see that the policies implemented by national governments cooperatively are chosen in an open and participative manner by, we the worlds people through the creation of global grassroots governance, not government. Why be any less ambitious?

The beginning if the end if immoral and destructive intern competition has begun in earnest.

Mum, dad, I am coming out. I am global, I am global people power. Support Simpol.


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