Impressions and reflections – A journey into London, occupylsx and beyond

Just a collection of thoughts and ideas really, no real order or narrative purpose…

As I traveled by train into London bridge today I was struck by the juxtaposition of the council tower blocks on by the rail line and the gleaming towers of Canary Wharf, Citi and HSBC in the middle distance… talk about the 99%!

I was also, in the way I do on trains, idly contemplating the improbability of clouds – so insubstantial and yet so seemingly solid, looking for all the world like objects of mass hanging there in defiance of gravity. Reminds me what a miraculous world we live in and thus what we are actually doing all this for.

From London Bridge train station I walk a way through the city down eventually to Liverpool st station. As I walked I saw the eloquent grandeur of the Bank of England set against the brutal simplicity of the finance towers. Made me think about form vs function and what that means for us as people…

Made my way from Liverpool st to St Pauls and paid a visit to the occupy london site. Mostly quiet whilst I was there, but watched a band play tunes and a sit down discussion taking place. Even when quiet there’s an energy about the place. Couldn’t stay long there, but hope it develops more into something really special.

From there another tube train to westminster. Had a look at the houses of parliament in the evening sunshine. They really are a cathedral to democracy. What a shame we’ve let things get so bad!

Walked over the bridge and along past the aquarium and the London Eye. Over the golden jubilee bridges. Couldn’t help thinking even in the brief (but drenching) rain shower that London can be stunningly beautiful. What a city of contrasts it is! Something of a microcosm of the wider world if you ask me…

So an interesting day and a lot to think about… 🙂


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