How much longer can we live in denial?

We live in interesting times. I am aware that every generation tends to perceive itself as living in the end of times, as being at the end of all things. This is simply an inherent weakness of living on a linear timescale I suppose. But believing the end is nigh is an altogether different proposition from recognising that a system is fatally flawed.

Such a system is ours. The eurozone meltdown continues apace, with Italy now following in the footsteps of Greece and at the mercy of ‘the markets’. It is amazing the extent to which these all powerful markets have come to so totally dominate the destinies of nations and populations.

Yet it points definitively to the true culprit; the fatal flaw that, in spite of our denial, simultaneously underpins and undermines our entire system. This culprit is the force of destructive international competition. It is this culprit that has given the markets the power to decide the fate of nations. It is, above all, this culprit about which we are in a state of utter denial.

The truth is, the current system simply cannot go on much longer. As the cracks in the structure of the system widen and the effects of the crisis become truly global, there will be no-one left to bail us out!

That our political leaders continue to desperately try to patch over the cracks shows how detached from reality the political establishment has become. That we might consider allowing them to continue to do so would be a travesty and, eventually, a tragedy for all of human kind.

It is, in the end, up to us – the people – to take charge and demand the change that is so desperately needed. The consequences of failure to do so are dire already and will only get worse with time.

Citizens, activists, politicians, teachers, scientists, teachers, philosphers and thinkers… everyone. We MUST overcome the inertia of denial and take action.

Together, through Simpol, we can. 


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