As the year end approaches…

It’s time for a spot of traditional futurology!

So, two questions:


1) How do you think the world will be in:

a) 1 year?

b) 5 years?

c) 10 years?

d) 20 years?

e) 50 years?


2) How do you think the world could and/or should be over those timescales?


I look forward to hearing your thoughts and predicitions! 🙂



2 thoughts on “As the year end approaches…

  1. They’re fairly big questions you know! I’ll have a quick go:
    1a) The Great Recession deepens
    1b) Globalisation is the theme of the day, with an economic recovery and a two-speed EU dominating the headlines
    1c) The Great Convergence is under way between the West and the Rest – Africa’s Middle Class is rapidly growing, and it starts to have a few big success stories in the global markets.
    1d) Historians look back at today and recognise that it was/is (they would still be in it) an Information and Technological Revolution. Every aspect of life will have changed, new technologies will have come on a huge way, and society will have made a transition, that we are already at the brink of understanding. For most of human history we have idolised warriors, and yet today we idolize peace-bringers like Nelson Mandela, Aung Sang Suu Kyi, Mother Teresa etc. If Alexander the Great were alive today would we call him great? Or would we call him a barbaric, bloodthirsty dictator? In 20 years these kinds of things will be starting to have an effect on the state structure, and the aims of groups like Unlock Democracy, the Democratic Reform Party, the Electoral Reform Society, the Democratic Reform Movement will all be in circulation at the level of governance. Science will have taken great leaps forward and we’ll know how life can evolve from non-life. Robotics will become available for the consumer etc.
    1e) There will be a completely new relationship between every level of governance. There will be more direct links between the global and individual level. There will be new party systems, a revised system of economics based on balance, a new economic structure designed to accomodate for the new ‘creative class’, a much more ‘local’ culture in all parts of the world etc

    2) We should have realised all of the social, political and economic parts already.

    • Hi Robert,

      They are indeed big questions. But these surely are the questions we need to be asking ourselves.

      I find your answers both interesting and hopeful. I fear many do not share that positive outlook on the world.

      I am also aware of the amount of effort it will take to achieve it!

      Still, I am inclined to agree with your ideas, provided we are willing to work for it – which we are. 🙂

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