It’s that time of year…

… and though it’s undoubtedly a cliche, I find myself wondering what Christmas is really about. I’ve read a lot of pieces recently that decry Christmas as a hyper-commercial travesty. Some pieces were heartfelt, some bitterly cynical, some downright funny.

But whatever the case, I still believe that most people set out with good in their hearts at christmas. They want to express their appreciation for their loved ones at a time of happiness.

So perhaps the problem with Christmas is actually that it should be like that all the time.

Obviously the booze and food we can’t do every day, else we’d all keel over from heart failure after a month.

But the kindness, the community, the sharing and the giving – these are values that run deep within us all. So I don’t think decrying Christmas as commercial nonsense is the answer (true as it sadly is these days).

In these heartless modern times now, more than ever, we need something to unite us, to bring us together. In the end, we need each other.

Peace on Earth, goodwill to all Men… who was it that said that? 😉

Happy Christmas to you all! 🙂


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