2012 – a year of change

It is perhaps the defining feature of the modern age, that change has become our most constant companion. No more, it seems, for the punctuated equilibrium of old. What are we to think now, of the much vaunted ‘end of history’?

Consequently, it is a brave or a foolish individual indeed who makes predictions for the future – even over so short a time as a year. Who, for example, would have bet a mere 365 days ago that Time Magazine’s person of the year 2011 would ‘The Protestor’? Who could have predicted the events that would lead to this unprecedented outcome?

I think what we have seen  in 2011 is indeed the Year of Protest. This has been the year of mass recognition that the current system is practically unsustainable and morally unacceptable.

So I will be brave/foolish and make this prediction for the year ahead. 2012 will be the Year of Change.

Across many sources in many areas – from permaculture to decentralised energy to commoning to political projects like Simpol and the fledgling Democratic Reform Movement (and many many more) – I have seen amazing ideas spreading all over the place.

These ideas will, I think, propagate and spread ever further into the mainstream. Then the tremendous energy that has been so obviously present in the actions of 2011 will  begin to translate into real and lasting change.

But then perhaps this prediction is not so foolish, as it is all of us who must be the authors of this change. It is not enough to predict it – we must be the ones to make it happen.

We are 2012. We are the Year of Change.


2 thoughts on “2012 – a year of change

  1. Have a look at this video from the DRP wishing people a merry christmas:

    Pretty much the same message. 2012 will be the year of change (hopefully not the only one)

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