Talking the talk…

Here at Simpol we’ve been looking back at some of the comments made by our dear leaders and we’ve discovered something interesting (although perhaps not surprising!).

It seems those in positions of power are fully aware of the need for global cooperation . They are even quite happy to ‘talk the talk’ about it.

Here’s a few choice quotes we found:

“And yes, we need global co-operation. But that shouldn’t be difficult. It just takes leadership…”

David Cameron, talking about climate change

…”but the underlying problems have not been tackled and they can’t be tackled by any one country acting alone…”

Mervyn King (governor of the Bank of England) talking about the global economic crisis.

”Now is the time for all of us to take our share of responsibility for a global response to global challenges.”

Barack Obama,  President of the USA

“Global co-operation is the best –I believe the only– answer…to dig our world back out of recession…to create the growth, trade, and international rules we need for a fairer, greener, safer planet.”

Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister

“We are in the 21st century. There is not a single country that can direct the world on its own,” “The world is totally, fully interdependent and interlocked.”

Nicolas Sarkozy, French President

“We should step up co-operation on international supervision and regulation. We must work together to address major global challenges.”

Wen Jiabao, Chinese Premier, talking about climate change.

…and yet and yet… Strangely enough, they seem curiously unwilling to ‘walk the walk’. Why should this be?!

The answer of course is that, for all the talk, our global system is dominated by destructive international competition and the fear of first mover disadvantage this engenders in those very same politicians.

Unless we solve that problem we will get nowhere.

Let me leave you with a couple more quotes. First, here’s one from a global figure who is, perhaps, more inclined to action on cooperation than most:

“(Business leaders) need to embrace global co-operation and partnership on a scale never before seen”. “and abandon short-term thinking in favour of long-term solutions to climate change and other pressing global challenges.”

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations

Finally here’s one more from Mr David Cameron:

“…take power away from politicians and give it to people… We know that the best ideas come from the ground up, not the top down.”

They say talk is cheap, but in this case the cost of inaction is more than any of us can afford to pay! It’s time to take action together now!




4 thoughts on “Talking the talk…

  1. In addition to the gap between the walk and the talk, the other problem is that cooperation is a learned skill and we do not teach or develop or reward it.

    Further, co-creativity is the key to creating a sustainable world, and collaborating/co-creating is an even more refined skill.

    It’s something of an old dog/new tricks problem: global leaders got where they are by perfecting the existing system, and the humility involved in realizing one needs to learn something new is not something leaders have; more tangled up is that admitting they need to learn something makes leaders appear unqualified.

    We need global leaders to all learn cooperation….simultaneously!

    • Hi Mimi, long time no see. Hope you’re well. 🙂

      I think this is why it is vital for it to come from us, the people, not them. Once we all get together and cooperate they will have no choice but to join in!

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