Occupy evicted – so what now?

So, eventually, it has come to pass that the occupy protestors at St Paul’s have been evicted. Is this, then, the end for the movement for change in the UK?

Not at all. Some people have treated occupy as if it was a revolutionary idea that came out of nowhere. Certainly, in the minds of much of the general public, this appears to be the general impression.

But, in truth, occupy is a visible symptom of something much larger – that the current system is unsustainable and morally unacceptable. I say this not to belittle occupy; in fact I have read numerous pieces in which occupy activists/advocates have said as much.

There were people working for real and lasting change before occupy. There will continue to be people working for real and lasting changing after occupy.

One of the great achievements of occupy has been to bring this debate into the mainstream. In this sense, I personally think the occupy school of ideas was much more important – both in theory and in practice. Sadly the school has also been evicted.

Still, whilst occupy has been going numerous organisations – mostly small – and individuals have been busy forging links and working together. The dominant attitude in the movement for change is now one of collaboration and cooperation. This is the other great achievement.

It is the second achievement that will be – or at least ought to be – the legacy of occupy. As we move forward we will all have to continue to work together if we are to bring about real and lasting change.



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