Simpol common misconceptions #4

One more in the occasional series, setting straight the common errors people make with regard to Simpol.

This time:

Simpol promotes its global initiative to the exclusion of all other levels of action.

This one comes up from time to time and it is understandable that it does. Simpol argues that the root cause of many of our problems is destructive international competition. It proposes that the only way to cure this root cause in the long term is to enact simultaneous policy implementation.

It may therefore seem that Simpol is stating this is the ONLY action that  can have ANY effect. This is categorically not the case. It is in fact a false dichotomy that helps no one.

Simpol is a long term global strategy. But it recognises explicitly that short term local, regional and national strategies are also vital to mitigate the immediate negative effects of the current system. To use a medical analogy, just because the doctor knows that surgery will be required to cure an illness, does not mean that they will withhold pain relief medication or anti-biotics in the short term.

The two approaches should be clearly seen as being both compatible and mutually beneficial.



One thought on “Simpol common misconceptions #4

  1. Yes, it is not saying Simpol as in the organisation is the only way for we are going to need all aspects to embrace global cooperation, it is more that the international simultaneous policy implementation (ISPI) is upon observation the only real solution, whether it happens to be with using Simpol the organisation, with a coalition of organisations or something totally different.

    I think you are right that some people confuse the inherent truth of the need for ISPI with Simpol the organisation.

    James Parker

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