Democratising the Global Political Commons – Reflections

So, yesterday was the day. We had a decent (and very well informed!) audience and James Quilligan gave a very interesting talk about the future of the commons. He set out a vision of how things could and should be, where the commons – those things which are, or should be, common to us all are properly recognised and protected. In particular, I personally found I had not fully considered intangible commons such as intellectual and cultural commons in my way of looking at things.

The tendency we all have to describe these things as resources leads naturally to think of raw materials etc. But ideas and cultures are most certainly a resource and even more so a commons.

In turn, I think we managed to make a good argument for Simpol to act as a bridge. Once simultaneous policy has been implemented; when we, the people, have regained control of our democracy; when we have created global citizen powered governance – all sorts of ideas and different systems become possible.

Coming out of the seminar, several people in our audience said they felt very positive about the future, hearing how the Commons movement and Simpol can work together.

I also feel very hopeful and energised to keep driving onwards. There is always hope as long as there are people willing to work for it.


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