Simpol common misconceptions #5

Another addition to the occasional series. In this instance, the misconception is a relatievly new one. But I suspect it may become more common as we go along. So, I thought I’d write this now.

Simpol is a voting system

This started from a question that was asked over on facebook. The question was: what voting system do you prefer? The answers offered included FPTP, STV, PR, AV and so on. Simpol was also included in this list.

This is not how Simpol works.

Simultaneous Policy is a way for citizens to coordinate their votes in order to drive their politicians to enact necessary policies. As such, Simpol can use whatever system of voting is already in place. Let me illustrate this by giving a couple of examples:

FPTP – We all know how this system works. The candidate with the highest number of votes wins. Easy. In this instance, the coordinated votes of Simpol supporters act act as an incentive for potential candidates to peldge to implement the Simultaneous Policy. Doing so means they can attract the voting bloc and thus increase their total number of votes.

AV – In this case any candidate who pledges seeks to use the voting bloc as above with FPTP. If they can do this, they increase their chances of being the first preference choice. However, candidates who do not make the first cut, as it were, can also look to the Simpol voting bloc as a potential means to get second preference votes. In this way there is even greater reason for candidates to pledge under this voting system.

I have chosen these examples, since they were the two systems most recently on offer.

However, it should be clear that Simpol can work under any of the other voting systems available as well.


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