Simpol – bridging the void

Some people ask me what my vision of and for Simpol is. Others say that Simpol is not enough, that we need to move beyond the current model. There is often talk of new paradigms. All sorts of interesting ideas come up all the time. There’s the Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project, the Free World Charter, The Commons Movement and many many more.

But there’s a problem. This (to borrow a well known meme) is how I see the world right now:

So, the question is, how are we to cross this void? The answer of course is that we must overcome the problem of destructive international competition. I should probably explain that a bit.

We all know that competition can be a great motivator and a driver of real progress. It has been the driving force behind some of the most positive changes in our society. It has most certainly enabled us to live a better quality of life than might otherwise be imaginable. But, like any system, it has its weaknesses.

Any competition that is useful always exists within a wider cooperative framework. Think of any competitive sport, for example, and it will be clear that there are rules to which all competitors must adhere.

The problem we face now is that -with the advent of globally mobile capital, transnational corporations and effectively all powerful global markets – no such rules are in place for these entities. So competition – unrestrained, unregulated, unstoppable – becomes a destructive force. A free-for-all takes place with no rules. If we return to the sporting analogy, we can see the easily the damage such a state of affairs would do.

We must, then, bridge this void. We must bring globally mobile capital, corporations and markets back under proper democratic control. We, the people, must cooperate to drive our politicians to cooperate, in turn, at the global level. We must, in short, create global governance.

Once that is done, we will have crossed that void safely. Once on the other side, all these other ideas and paradigms become possible. So Simpol is not a end in itself. It is, in fact a beginning for a better future for all.

How do I see Simpol? Simpol is that bridge.


2 thoughts on “Simpol – bridging the void

    • Hi Aubrey,

      From a personal point of view, I certainly support C&C. However, it is not us at Simpol who decide which policies are included. It is of course our supporters who do that.

      We are in the process of completing the policy forum on the new website. Once that is done, we can begin putting up policy proposals for people to support/vote on etc.

      I will definitely contact you once that is done so that we can get C&C on there. 🙂

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