Controlling the international arms trade

You may or may not have heard about it, but something big is happening right now. From the 2nd-27th of this negotiations are taking place to try to create an international arms trade treaty.

Already though, the attempt seems to be fraught with problems. The US insists on the right to veto, there’s a big argument over whether Palestine should be given proper nation status and there are suspicions that the big arms trading countries – US, UK, China, Russia, Germany and France – are trying to weaken the treaty before it even exists!

An internationally binding treaty on controlling the arms trade is clearly desperately needed. Various organisations – including Amnesty, Control Arms and Oxfam – are campaigning to get just that.

Still, with all the worries and weaknesses so early on and with the history of such efforts in mind, it is hard to summon up much hope.

We will see whether the treaty comes to fruition soon enough. I certainly hope so. But should it fail, Simpol offers another way.

Watch this space…


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