Arms Trade Treaty Fails

So the much vaunted Arms Treaty UN conference has come to an end and – despite the heroic efforts of NGOs, campaigners and indeed national governments in some cases – there has not been an Arms Treaty agreed. Apparently it is to be discussed again in the UN general assembly in the late autumn. I for one don’t hold out much hope for that effort. There can surely not have been a better chance than this, the culmination of 6 years work at a dedicated conference.  It seems highly unlikely to suddenly be more successful a few months down the line at a general meeting of the UN.

So, once again  we have the failure of international governments to come up with actual tangible results. In this in, many nations have actually distinguished themselves by making every effort to get it done. But they have been undone by the actions of the few who, presumably, have most to lose.

Yet again then, we are forced to confront the basic fact that our political leaders cannot deliver the measures that are so desperately needed. Yet again we must realise that, if we are to ever make progress, we must be the ones to make it happen. We must create the policy and we must drive our political leaders to implement it. We must move from the childlike position of asking our leaders and being disappointed when the don’t deliver, into the more adult position of taking responsibility and driving forward the necessary changes.

Simpol again then, shows itself to be the way forward – the way for us all to take the power into our own hands and make the changes we want!


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