Spanish Occupy Congress – why they need Simpol

Word is spreading rapidly of the impending Occupy Congress action in Spain. Occupy Spain released a statement saying:

“The 25th of September the Spanish Parliament building will be surrounded as a symbol to rescue it from the kidnapping which has turned this institution into a useless organ. A kidnapping of the popular sovereignty by the Troika and by The Markets, executed under the blessing and collaboration of most of the political parties. Parties which have betrayed their electoral programs, their voters and the people in general, breaking their vows and contributing to people’s gradual pauperization.”

Here, in addition, is a passage from an article. It say that protestors are…

…calling for fresh elections, claiming the government’s austerity measures show the ruling Popular Party misled voters to get elected last November.

The protest comes as Spain struggles in its second recession in three years and with unemployment near 25 per cent.

Spain has introduced austerity measures and economic reforms in a bid to convince its euro partners and investors that it is serious about reducing its bloated deficit to 6.3 per cent of gross domestic product in 2012 and 4.5 per cent next year.

Here then, lies the crux of the problem. The current government got in with grand promises. But then, once in power, they turned out to be exactly the same as every other government – offering only the same policies of austerity and hardship for the people of Spain.

Should we be surprised by this? Not really. The truth is right there in the quote:

…in a bid to convince its euro partners and investors that it is serious…

The truth is, national governments can no longer be relied upon to do what is best for their citizens. In fact, they are entirely unable to do so. They must instead make all other concerns subservient to that of pleasing the ‘investors’ – that’s global markets and corporations to you and me.

Failure to do so on their part would make their nation ‘uncompetitive’ – the cardinal sin of modern politics!

As long as this situation remains there can be no real hope of change. The definition of insanity is said to be doing the same thing over and over and yet expecting a different result. So it’s time we did something different!

The occupy movement –  both in Spain and elsewhere – is the surest possible sign that the people are ready for something different. It is also proof positive that, if no one is prepared to give it, they are quite ready to go out there and get it!

What Simpol offers is the means to translate all that feeling, that action into substantial and lasting change. It offers the people of Spain (and everywhere else) the power to drive their governments to act in the interests of the people.


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