Yesterday Spain, Today Greece

Another country, another wave of social unrest. In Spain yesterday it was the occupy movement. In Greece today it’s a general strike.

The causes are the same though:

The trade union-led action is the first since Greece’s conservative-led coalition came to power in June.

The protest is against planned spending cuts of 11.5bn euros ($15bn; £9bn).

The savings are a pre-condition to Greece receiving its next tranche of bailout funds, without which the country could face bankruptcy in weeks.


The solutions are much the same too. As this wave of unrest spreads across Europe, it becomes increasingly clear that only a Simultaneous Policy approach can offer a way out of the crisis. National governments simply do not have the power to act in the interests of their people any more. Only the people, acting together globally, can take back the power of democracy and bring about real change.




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