Systemic change – the dividing line of our times

There is a tendency to always see a dividing line. To always see us and them. This can be at any level from the local to the global. It can also be in any area and is certainly not limited to politics. Humans are, at heart, something of a tribal species and it is therefore only to easy for them to fall into this view point.

Most of the time, of course, this is a gross simplification of the reality of the situation. But there are certain times when a genuine dividing line springs up. A decent example of this would be in the case of neo-nazism vs everyone with a brain. In fact, though I perhaps risk invoking Godwin’s law, the Nazis themselves would constitute a larger example still, where every nation in the world had to decide which side of the line it was on.

Throughout History, these dividing lines have appeared. So what is the dividing line for our times. My argument is that it is this: Systemic Change.

Put simply there are those who believe we can carry on as now – even if they advocate some tinkering within that system – whom I shall call remainders. and there are those who can see that this is simply not possible, who we can call changers.

As an example of where this dividing line falls, we might look at the use of the concept of sustainability.

For the remainders, this means taking the system we have for granted, but trying to tinker with it such that it becomes sustainable. So for example, they might campaign for people to turn off their computers at night. This would save energy and so would be good for the environment. This would then be, for them, more sustainable.

By contrast, the changers can see that, much as energy efficiency efforts are important, they are simply not enough in an energy system that runs on fossil fuels, pollutes the environment and pumps out CO2 (contributing to climate change). The changers see that the whole SYSTEM is unsustainable and needs to be changed.

It is becoming increasingly clear to changers all over the world that much of our current civilisational system is simply unsustainable – fossil fuels/climate change, endless war, the failing of democracy and the influence of money on it, endless economic growth in a finite system. The list goes on and on.

The problem now is that our governance, our governments, our entire politics is stuck on the remainder side of the line. Hence we see endless fiddling while Rome burns.  Fortunately, numerous organisations and groups have sprung up to try to resolve this problem. If you’re reading this, you already likely know who those organisations are. In fact, I find it interesting and useful to think of NGOs and other such groups, to see which side of the dividing line they are on. Right now, sadly, the balance of power is on the remainder side. But that is changing and will continue to do so.

Simpol’s particular contribution to this is on the subject of global governance. There are many other issues of great importance. We invite all changer organisations and individuals to join us in helping drive forward real, lasting systemic change. What’s more, we invite remainder organisations and individuals to come on over. There need be no hard feelings, only realisation, understanding and then progress.

Until such time as we accept and then demand genuine systemic change, our efforts will continue to be fruitless. Only together can we make that change happen.


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