So, having found your way here, you’re going to want to know a bit about what simpol is about (this being the about page and all)…

Well here it is: Simpol in a nutshell:

Simpol stands for the Simultaneous Policy. The policy actually means many policies, each of which would be acted on simultaneously by all or sufficient nations. They are the policies needed to deal with climate change, global poverty, corporate power and other global problems; policies which, if implemented by any nation alone, would harm its economy and its people. By implementing policies simultaneously, no nation, corporation or citizen need lose out and everybody wins.
The policy content of Simpol is constantly evolving and being shaped democratically by everyone that supports Simpol (see Step 4). It is being designed to ensure that the current unregulated, top-down and unfair global market is made to work for the benefit of all. This means robust global regulations, taxes on the rich and mobile, and proper re-distribution of wealth to poorer countries. It means a new level of global co-operative regulation that stops the global market being abused for the benefit of a few and instead makes it prosperous for all.

But Simpol isn’t just a global policy. It’s also a political process designed to allow we, the people, to drive our politicians to actually implement Simpol. You can do this by supporting Simpol. That means you write to your MP or to all candidates at election time, telling them you’ll be voting in future national elections for ANY candidate – within reason – that has pledged to implement Simpol alongside other governments. Or, if you have a party preference, you ask your party to sign that Pledge. In that way, politicians who sign the Pledge risk nothing because the policy only gets implemented if and when sufficient other governments have signed up. But if they fail to sign it, they could risk losing their seat to another politicians that has. With more and more parliamentary seats, and even entire elections, hanging on relatively few votes, it won’t take many of us, to make it in the vital survival interests of all politicians and parties to sign the Pledge. That’s why, with Simpol, you no longer ask politicians to solve global problems; you compel them to do so. You make it in their political interests to do so!

So there’s two sides to Simpol: campaigning to get more people, politicians and governments to sign the Pledge, and deciding, together, the policy content of Simpol; deciding, that is, the policies politicians will be required to implement when sufficient governments are on board.

Simpol, of course, is a global campaign. People in all countries are being invited to start their own national campaigns, leading eventually to global change; to the transformation we have all been waiting for. Global problems are showing us that we need to work together to solve them. The beauty of Simpol’s approach is that it is peaceful and open. It so happens that, due to globalisation, we can for the first time ever, via Simpol, make democracy work for who it is meant to work for: everyone. If we use our votes in the same old way, we should not expect any change for the better. That’s why we need to vote creatively; to vote Simpol.

find more information on Simpol UK via our website: http://uk.simpol.org

If you happen to be from outside the UK you can go to the international page: http://simpol.org


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Glad your site is up again. Is the link to your seminar on the 7th May ‘Democratising the Global Political Commons’ here somewhere?

  2. Hi Anna,

    This is the Simpol-UK blog. The main site can be found at http://uk.simpol.org – where you can also find a link to the event yes. Having said that, I might well put something on here as well in the run up to the event itself. 🙂

  3. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Looking at your website, I was wondering if it might be a good idea to send an invite for the House of Commons event to all the MPs that pledged support for SIMPOL. To help that we just put the HoC seminar on the Meet-up site here http://bit.ly/I1zEFX
    What do you think?
    in the spirit of commoning

    • No worries. 🙂

      Might be a good idea yes. I’m a little confused though, as the page you linked to doesn’t mention the Simpol event at all (as far as I can see). At any rate, yes, it’s time to begin the build up now I think.



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